The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH), a non-profit association, with the purpose of ensuring a continued availability of library and information resources to the academic and research community in particular and the public in general in Ghana, Enact and Give ourselves this constitution.


The vision of CARLIGH is to be a centre of excellence in providing recorded knowledge in all formats, for teaching, learning and research activities in Ghana.


The Mission of CARLIGH is to employ collective information resources, available technology, and staff capabilities to improve teaching, learning and research including life long learning, in member institutions and by extension in Ghana, and do all such like things as to ensure the achievement of CARLIGH’s objectives.

ARTICLE  I                                       NAME

The name of the consortium shall be Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana, hereinafter referred to as CARLIGH or the “Consortium”.

ARTICLE  II                                        SECRETARIAT

The Secretariat shall be located at the Institute for Technological Information (INSTI), CSIR, Accra 

ARTICLE  III                       OBJECTIVES

The Objectives of the Consortium are as follows: 

1.To promote and facilitate the sharing of library and information resources among member institutions to support teaching, learning and research activities through acquiring, developing and archiving information in print and electronic format/media

2. To optimise the shared use of the resources of member institutions and to exchange scholarly library and information services on a more formal basis within the network.

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