Call for Papers

                                                            African Library and Information Associations and Institutions
                                                           Association Africaine des Bibliothèques et  des Institutions d’Information
                                                           Associação Africana de Bibliotecas e Instituições de Informação

                                                                    2nd AfLIA CONFERENCE & 4th AFRICAN LIBRARY SUMMIT
AfLIA, the Library Association for Africa, focuses on the development of libraries, information centers , library and information personnel to offer cutting edge modern services to people on the African continent to improve their lives.
AfLIA will be holding its 2nd Conference as an Association and the 4th African Library Summit for
•    LIS leaders,
•    LIS practitioners
•    LIS educators,
•    LIS policy makers
•    Young  and emerging LIS  leaders
•    Organisations and Professionals working in partnership with African libraries

Venue: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
 Dates: 14th – 20th May 2017

Pre-Conferences:                 14th -15th May 2017
Conference:                         16th – 20th May 2017
AfLIA General Meeting:    19th May 2017

Conference Theme
Libraries in the Development Agenda:  Repositioning African Libraries to deliver on the Future We Want  

•    e - Africa : ICTs in the development of knowledge in Africa
•    The role of libraries in building peace and justice in Africa
•    Preservation of Africa’s culture and heritage
-     African research for enhancing development
•    LIS education in promoting the Development Agenda
•    National / Public / Community Library Services leading the realisation of the Development Agenda  
         -Growth, Sustainability and Development
         -Women and Youth services

Outcomes of Conference
•    Development of strategies to realise the development agendas of the UN and the AU
•    Decisions on technology and skills necessary as tools for librarians in the realisation of the development agendas
•    Rekindle the need to preserve African culture and heritage for development
•    Strategies for Public Libraries as development partners to enhance services to meet development agendas
•    LIS education and practice of librarianship to meet the realisation of the development agendas

Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for Paper Presentation  

Proposals must address the sub-themes and written in English, French or Portuguese. It must be an original work of the speaker(s) and must include:
•    Title of proposed paper.
•    Name(s) of speaker(s).
•    Official Title of speaker (s) or Professional role
•    Speaker's institutional affiliation, if any.
•    Speaker(s) e-mail address, telephone/fax numbers.
•    Abstract of the proposed paper (about 500 words); and a
•    Short professional profile of speaker (s) - about five(5) lines each.

Length of Paper and Presentations

Papers should be between 3-20 pages long, in a Word file , Times New Roman, 12 point typeface including an abstract derived from the content of the paper and clear recommendations. 15 minutes will be allowed for Oral presentation of the paper and 5 minutes for discussion.

Important Deadlines
15 October 2016                         Submission of the abstract    
30 November 2016                      Notification of acceptance/rejection.        
15 February 2017                       Submission of full papers       

15 March 2017                          Submission of presentation slides ("PowerPoint").  

There will be a Poster session at the Conference
Guidelines for Submission of Proposal for Poster Session
Proposals must address the main theme or sub-themes and written in English, French or Portuguese. To submit a proposal to participate in the Poster Session, please provide the following information:
•    Presenter's name, institution and email
•    Poster title
•    Poster description (limit 100 words)
•    Goal
•    Target audience
•    Theme of Poster
Your topic could be described on a printed poster or by photographs, graphics and pieces of text that you attach to graphics or photographs.
Presenters of a poster are expected to be present to explain their posters and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they have available for viewers. Each presenter can therefore present only ONE poster.

Important Deadlines

15 October 2016           Submission of the abstract    
30 November 2016        Notification of acceptance/rejection.        
15  March 2017            Submission of copy of full poster        
TIPS FOR A GOOD POSTER - Present new ideas or present an application of technology; Have a clear library relevance or perspective geared towards either of the themes; Describe a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start
Please email your proposal to:
with a copy to : ;

For more information visit AfLIA website :  

AfLIA is not able to support speakers financially so all expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the speaker(s) and attendees.